Falling was Inevita...
By IdeasHD
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Published July 31st "Hey I'm-" he started before I cut him off. "What do you want?" I asked in a bored tone still typing on my phone. "I just came to-" I cut him off again. "Which of them did you bet with?" I asked in a bored tone still looking at my phone. "Huh?" He asked dumbfounded "Be fast let's get this over with so that I'd know whether to agree or not." Then he looked at me with amusements. "Cause if it's that one, then let's get this over with. But if that's the one then I'm going to have to forfeit" He just kept looking at me with amazement shaking his head.................... Ps: Just tried to pick out bits from chapter one. Read chapter one for more DESCRIPTION: When Simone enters university, she makes a decision to never be in a relationship because of her past ones. When she enters university she rooms with a boy to build her decision. Let's see how that turns out. Will her twisted decisions and her unusual idea assist her reaching her goal? (You probably already know the answer but still gotta ask) Let's see how that turns out in Falling was Inevitable


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Falling w...
by IdeasHD