Dear John
By HiddenBlackDarkness
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She was sick, she was dying and she knew it. There was only a slimmer of hope left when she started writing again, writing to the man she hadn't talked to in so long. They were together all through high school, breaking up after they had went off to college. They only lasted a month apart before realizing they wouldn't be able to continue. He had already moved on, she isolated herself to focus on her school work. Their phone calls grew short, their video-calls non-existent after the second week. They were too busy for each other. He went to Princeton, she went to Johns Hopkins. Even though the schools were four hours away from each other by bus, they just didn't have the time; and on the days they were in their home city, that time was reserved for family and catching up on overdue school work. Now, almost ten years later with barely any hope left, she reaches out. [Started: July 30th, 2020] [Finished: August 24th, 2020]

Dear John,

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Dear John
by HiddenBlackDarkness