Bad luck and second...
By Arshiiax3
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This story is about a group of teenagers with something remarkable, something they have in common yet each of them has a different one. First, there is April, she is suffering from anxiousness. Her best friend Ryan, who she has known for years, has got anger issues. Beside that, he has started to act a bit vaguely towards April which leaves her with confusing thoughts. And then there is James: A guy who has caught April's attention lately. He acts and looks mysterious, but there is something that nobody, not even James himself, knows. The other friends, Stella and Alyssa, have got their own problems too. Stella overthinks and this brings her (according to herself) in the worst situations of her life. And Alyssa struggles with her feelings towards her ex-boyfriend and Ryan who is her current boyfriend. Not only that, but she seems to get sick quite often suddenly. It's a drama story about five High School teenagers and their problems in life. This doesn't mean that they live their life with just negativity, though. The story brings you romance, true friendship and you will also see that everyone walks with his or her own story. Remember, we all have our own problems, so don't think you have it better or worse than someone else. Everyone has experienced bad luck, whether you believe it or not. So has this group of five teens and they are waiting for their second chance on luck, love, friendship and not to forget health. Will they get their second chance? And if they do, will they deserve it? ! Autor's note: Please vote and comment on this story. Your opinion is what motivates me and keeps me writing :) !! Every comment that I think is funny, cute, or a good review (critism also), will get a dedication on the next chapter PLUS a shout out ༼ つ ◕⌣◕ ༽つ I will choose one person per chapter ;) SO COMMENT AND REVIEW SOMETHING UNIQUE ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ!!

Chapter 1 - Friends and untold secrets

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Bad luck...
by Arshiiax3