Undestined Destinat...
By jannathhh
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Sam's father is forcing her to marry someone she never met. So when things started getting all serious, she ties her sheets together and makes escape through the window. Half way down she makes eye contact with someone doing the exact same thing a few windows over. Say what? Who is this mystery person? Is it a guy who wins her heart? Or a girl who becomes her non-biological sister? Will this person be staying in her life and be leaving a mark? Or could be a random person that she'll never have to think about again? Is she overthinking? Guess you'll have to keep reading! ;) Note: This story was written for entertainment. There are a lot of second hand ideas, not everything is authentic. If you've seen the same prompts somewhere else then we apologize for the forgery. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it. Thank you xx.

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