Over Again - TVD AU
By bexmikaelsons
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In which Rebekah Mikaelson is sent back in time to save her family as her dying wish. Rebekah Mikaelson was dying. She was alone and dying. The only family she had was her brother, Kol. Freya, Finn, Elijah, Niklaus and Henrik were all dead. There were only three Mikaelson's left, soon to be two. Rebekah had lost her family, only her niece and one brother still alive. Marcel had left her not long after she had taken the cure, something she regretted. After spending over a thousand years wishing to be a human, she hated every second not being an original. Life sucked. Most of the vampires in the world were dead, the witches wanted to take out the few remaining. Werewolves also pitted themselves against the vampires. Both beloved they were the superior species. Soon, vampires would cease to exist. In her final moments, Rebekah prayed. She prayed to every god she could think of, from every mythology that she had come across. She wanted to save her family, give them better than what she did in the past. They all deserved better than what she gave them, she had betrayed each of them at least once. She wanted her brothers and sister alive. Unbeknownst to her, her prayers had been heard. What better than to send the dying Mikaelson back in the past. Rebekah Mikaelson was dying, and then she wasn't. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES & THE ORIGINALS AU a time travel au spoilers for the originals & the vampire diaries

Over Again

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by bexmikaelsons