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By BubblyYoongles
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In which everyone has a soulmate, and a curse. Your curse comes comes out when you become a year 18. When you and the other year 17's, become year 18's, you all gather into the Gymnasium with the now year 19's and reveal your curse. Your curse only comes out when you are mad. Your curse leads you to your soulmate. ~~ Min Y/N is a smart, kind, and nerdy year 17 that loves her studies and her books. She may be very quiet, but she is very tough. She has a sister, Min Yoora, who is a year 5, and would stop at nothing to keep her safe. Jeon Jungkook is a loud, outgoing, and rude Year 18, who loves his hyungs, who are like his brothers. He has a hobby that takes up a lot of his time, which is bullying and antagonizing the one and only Min Y/N. When the day comes that all year 17's turn into year 18's, Y/N and Jungkook get the shock of their lives. ~~ "There's no way! This must be a mistake!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Opposites Attract || J.JK x Female Reader All Rights Reserved to BubblyYoongles 2020 Any and all plagiarism will be reported.


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