Crimson High
By Pauly_Queen
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There's nothing wrong with a young teenage girl trying to be what she wants to be, but it's left for the world to realize that*********** When Jennifer arrives SS2 class, she thinks it'll be much easier than expected but as the saying goes, easier said than done. She meets a lot of challenges in her life and most, she has no power to change. She has dreams...wild, unimaginable dreams that no girl her age could hope for but then, there's a lot more than being just an ordinary girl. With a lot of drama going on from her Junior to final class, she has a lot to face especially with her parents, peers, and even herself. A situation where all decisions can lead to her downfall, with everyone she trusts turning their backs. A situation she hasn't thought off all her life..... What happens when you're caught up in a situation where you can't save yourself? *This is a story containing different POVs of highschool students, each discovering the world from a different angle and realizing not everything is what it seems.* Please enjoy!

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Crimson H...
by Pauly_Queen