The mafia and his l...
By perfectmafiaboss
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Sophia is a troubled girl fighting her demons and trying to run away from her past life as much as she can but she can't just run away, it's too difficult. She desperately wants someone to help her out until the mafia boss takes a glance at her. His life is fucked up, messed up but he is the king. He knows when to shut down his emotions, when to snap ,when to hold things under control. He doesn't believe in love or happiness and vows to die alone. But will he be able to complete his vow when he sees a set of pure electrifying blue eyes which make him completely stop on his way. What will be the fate of Ashton Romanno? This story is mine and solely mine and I wouldn't allow anyone to copy my work. If you do, I will take legal action against you. ALL THE PICTURES I USE ARE NOT AT ALL MINE. MY INSPIRATION FOR ASHTON ROMANNO IS DUSAN SUSNJAR. I REPEAT.....THEY ARE NOT MINE, I DO NOT OWN ANY KIND OF PICTURE, THEY ARE SOLELY HIS AND HIS ALONE. AND ONLY ONE SMUT. THIS BOOK CONTAINS ONLY ONE SMUT SCENE WARNING YOU BEFORE HAND! And warning, there are scenes of rape.

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The mafia...
by perfectmafiaboss