offside [coming soo...
By AveryKeelan
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After her boyfriend dumps her on her 21st birthday, Bailey James rebounds right into the arms of her ex's biggest competition, Chase Carter: Antagonizer, womanizer, and infamous right winger for the Bruder Falcons. Following a string of scandals and substandard grades, Chase is on thin ice with his teammates and tyrannical coach. The last thing he needs is to have his focus-and loyalty-called into question by fraternizing with his team's #1 rival. But a beautiful stranger who throws herself at him one night is too tempting to pass up... Until she throws up on his shoes. Caught in the midst of a bitter rivalry that extends far beyond the arena, Bailey and Chase are on opposite sides of the bench. He's worked his entire life to secure a future in the NHL. She's tagged along for the ride while her twin brother Derek, star defensive for the Belle River Rattlers, has done the same. Fraternizing with the enemy is definitely out of the question. Except this enemy is impossible to resist.


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offside [...
by AveryKeelan