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???: Welcome to Infinitycore. I am your Host today and on this day we shall dive into this beautiful and huge world. Infinitycore is a Headgear RVR world game that has soo many possibilities you can't even imagine. Soo much more has not even been discovered yet. If you want to join us be sure to know however that is game works like this. RVR is meant Realistic Virtual Reality. Basically when you use those devices and please under no circumstances break them you will know why soon. Back to the point however, when you use them you must lay down on a surface and start the System. After that your mind gets connected into the Void where you will design and created you very own self within the Game. Did we mention that there is magic and middle ages weaponry just like Guns and Jets? No? Well now you do know. Once again welcome to Infinitycore. Please be sure to know that the game is by price ok but the equipment is very expensive so do not break any of it. Enjoy your stay and beware the Rogues. Hohohohoho... *ad finishes* Many people who saw it are going crazy after everything it showed. The World. The possibilities. This will be a new age.


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by Cheeki-Breeki-Slav