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By SarahDaWolf
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With a change of your surroundings, finding a job has been difficult for you. After a few days of searching, you stumbled upon a certain summer school. After an hour of submitting the application, it got accepted. You thought of it as a bit weird, since you've never gotten anything accepted this fast before. Nonetheless, you show up to meet the staff. How will things go at BBiEaL? Will you thrive, or will you be driven to insanity? Why is the name of the school so long? Find out(everything but the last question) in this story. ★ ★ ★ Hello, lovely readers! I am aware I posted a Baldi x Reader story in the past. After reading a little snippet of a few chapters, I saw that the storyline wasn't very consistent, and it was a bit confusing. I'd like to give you, readers, a better reading experience than the book I wrote a few years back. What? Nobody likes Baldi anymore? 'Kay, that's not stopping me. I've improved tenfold in writing, and, for a week or two, I've been urged to write another book on here. I'll try my best to keep on schedule. I appreciate the endless support on my previous book; I can't believe I still get at least over 20 notifications every night. I'm glad I was able to entertain over 60k people. I'll stop blabbering. Enjoy the story! I will not write any lemons or smut. That's not how I roll. ★ ★ ★ SCHEDULE Started on July 24th, 2020 Ended on @$*%)# One chapter is posted every Sunday. ★ ★ ★ ACHIEVEMENTS #1 in #baldixreader #22 in #2ndperson #41 in #baldi

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New Horiz...
by SarahDaWolf