Marina (MxM And Som...
By -SicklySweet-
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Elijah William's was your typical young twenty-one-year-old man. Except he didn't drink and didn't party normally. It wasn't he didn't like it, he just didn't always like it. He tried his best to respect the body he was living in, but he wasn't a health nut by any means. Finally making some new friends from college they were going out to celebrate the end of exams and the few extra minutes he took to style his hair would change his life forever. Marina was bored with her exitance, hardly anything brought her joy anymore, not killing, not feeding not even having power over the mortals that looked up to her. Like any normal night, she was looking for something to play with until it died. At first, it was going to be a little old lady with sweet-smelling blood, but then he arrived and their lives changed.

00 - Prologue - Elijah William's Point Of View.

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Marina (M...
by -SicklySweet-