Stay With Me.
By NanyaIwu
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"I don't like seeing Samuel around you, Binye." He said, his tone reeked of possession and the anger he felt was fueled by her indifference to the situation. His eyes held a pleading look within them and Binye felt forced to look away quickly, the look in his eyes evoked an emotion that she couldn't seem to understand. "We were just talking Jay. Relax." She said trying to diffuse the situation by offering him the first cookie out of the package she had just opened. "I'd only calm down if you fed that to me." He responded with a lazy smirk, his hair wet from sweat and stuck to his forehead, eyes glittering from underneath them. She could literally feel his breath on her face, he smelt of Axe and perspiration. Slowly, she stretched out her arm to place the cookie in his mouth, her heart skipped a bit the moment she felt his tongue on the tip of her finger as they maintained eye contact while he grabbed the cookie with his teeth. "Nawa oh, the sexual tension here is choking guys!" A voice said and they both snapped out of their intimate moment.

1. After The Leaves Fell.

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Stay With...
by NanyaIwu