Spy School
By innolily
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Lily, Rose and Jasmine are spy sisters who have telepathic powers. They train undercover in Underwood High, while pranking teachers and trying to find a double agent in the headquarters of CMI. CMI uses Underwood High to collect data from unknowing citizens. The enemy organisation SDF seems to know everything they are planning, and it is up to the sisters to save the day. ------------------------------------------------- I grit my teeth. Focus on the plan! "Ms. Smith," I say sweetly, "I'm afraid there are a few flaws in your statement. I DID listen in class, but due to several reasons, I was not able to remember your lectures clearly, namely because of your, ah, let's say, monotone voice lulling me to sleep." " Idiots, if you didn't revise, then cheat. If i ran the school, i would give full marks for people who cheat smartly. As in hacking in to the school files or paralysing the teacher. " ~ Lily


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Spy School
by innolily