By GregCee
  • Teen Fiction
  • 2020
  • acceptance
  • alone
  • aspergers
  • bullied
  • bully
  • caregiver
  • covid19
  • forgiveness
  • friendship
  • isolation
  • loaded
  • lockdown
  • lonely
  • millionaire
  • morrissey
  • music
  • stranded


Amy is a 22 year old Nursing graduate with Aspergers Syndrome. Her journey through life has had far more downs than ups and she is unsure of her place in the world. Sam is 22 year old C6 Tetraplegic following a car crash 6 months earlier that also killed her twin sister, her go to person in life. She is feeling a million things going inside, including the battle between 'old Sam' and the 'new broken Sam.' The daughter of indifferent multi millionaire patents she is struggling with a new future and a past that is catching up with her. In their own way they both feel broken. Their lives dissect again at a crucial time for both of them. The trouble is they have history that is as troubled as their own paths. With the world around them slowly breaking down, they each begin a journey of discovery. This is a story about love, loss and everything in between. Is blood thicker than water ? What is family? Trigger Warning: Contains elements of domestic violence, sexual violence, self harm

How Soon is Now

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by GregCee