Azula x fem reader...
By UptownBitch
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"Azula reminded you of the moon, she pulls on your heartstrings like the moon pulls on the sea. It was a beautifully serene and clear night." The story takes place in present(no corona tho), you are a fire bender but not a really skilled one. The war was over 6 years ago and all of the 4 nations live in peace. You live on the beautiful Ember Island with your parents and two sisters. Since school is over and it's summer break, you spend all the time at the beach with your friends, sisters or alone. This specific boring summer afternoon on the said beach you saw her. I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE AVATAR THE LAST AIR BENDER CHARACTERS OR PLACES HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 in Azula on 29/07/20 #6 in Mai on 18/08/20

Chapter one - the hottest day yet this summer

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Azula x f...
by UptownBitch