Mister & Miss P...
By melodiyuh
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A failed revenge made Amor Simson stucked with Liam to a situation she never wished for. Not even in her wild dreams. But since they ended up together, everything became worth it. However, distance will test their bond and their love for each other. Liam was studying in Vancouver while Amor is in the Philippines, it was the primary struggle for the both. Not to mention their big roles in the school they were studying. Love, loyalty, trust, time, those are just few of the primary ingredients for a successful relationship. Love? That's unquestionable because Amor love Liam from his head to toe and he too feel the same way for her. Loyalty? Definitely yes. Trust? They won't last for couple of years if they don't trust each other. But when it comes to time, they both know that it's hard to make exceptional time. Living in the other side of the world was their disadvantage. Liam just finished his breakfast but Amor is already preparing herself to sleep. Lacking the time they needed, slowly, silently, they will question their trust for each other, their loyalty and at the end, the love they'd been holding into.


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Mister &a...
by melodiyuh