The Bad Boy Boxes
By bridgey2000
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Stephanie Sanders is an ordinary year 12 student that has never fallen in love...maybe once. A new boy in her town - Mike Samuels moves in, and it all changes after a disturbing occasion at her brother Derek's boxing. Derek, coaches and trains Mike weekly which allows them both to casually begin an unbreakable brotherly bond. Mike being the confident and cocky jerk he is, manages to develop a love, hate relationship with Steph, which surprisingly grows with through the time they regularly spend together. But Stephanie cannot help but think it's something more. She is not fully committed to a boyfriend, where Mike is the polar opposite. Will their 'friendly' relationship change when they start to have feelings for each other?.. But the question that remains unanswered is; will Stephanie's chance to transfer to a university across the country, damage their chances together? Will Stephanie follow her dreams for her bright future or will she sacrifice it all and leave everyone behind...including Mike? ~~needs editing~~

Chapter 1: A new day

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The Bad B...
by bridgey2000