Shots Fired ( Tempo...
By kamiragovender
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"So are you going to fuçk me now" He looks at me,smirks "No... well not yet anyway" Kamila Carter is a 21 year old young lady with the passion of completing marine biology. Her love of animals never fades. Kamila has a tragic back story with the death of her parents and soon sadly, a death of another loved one. This tragedy causes Kamila to meet the sexy, dashing Matthew Pierce. Will the pressure of her life get to her or will it be Matt's whip?? Matthew Pierce, an ex Navy and current detective lieutenant comes from a family of mystery's to Kamila. He would do anything to make her his submissive. He has dimples that can woo any woman and the ability to take down anybody that harms her. Will these two become a couple? Will they just be together because of the contract? Will anybody die? Hope you enjoy♥️♥️ Be safe my lovelies✌️🔥✨

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Shots Fir...
by kamiragovender