Is this love?
By -Star_Light-
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Poe never been talkative and was really shy and because of this he never had friends. in middle school, people always avoided him. Yet he was not bullied but he feels like he was a ghost or like he didn't exist. But that's didn't bothered him more than that. At least he could focus on studying and do what he liked. He spent all his time reading detective books, he really liked theme. Well he was in peace during two years. After that, some guys started to bully him because they said that he was weird. Poe thought it would be over soon, that if he didn't say anything they would leave him alone, that they get tired of him. But it got even worse, there was a lot of bad rumer on him and more people started bullying him. It's gone so far that poe decided to go live with his father who recently goes there for business reason. It was Poe's first day in high school and he hoped things will change.

Chapter 1

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Is this l...
by -Star_Light-