The Undercover Scie...
By BooknewtA5
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catalyst /ˈkat(ə)lɪst/ noun: - a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change. - a person or thing that precipitates an event. == What if the Flare keeps getting stronger by every day with millions of cases present in every population? What if WICKED wants to speed up the Maze Trials? What if WICKED does this so that they can collect the blueprints needed to devise a treatment or a cure before the world ends up being eaten by the Flare? == Venice, a seventeen-year-old scientist, along with her closest friend, Adam had been chosen by WICKED to enter the Maze Trials as "catalysts" to speed up the Trials through following instructions sent by the Chancellor of WICKED as the test subjects are not showing brain patterns that are adequate for the cure after three years. By triggering the test subjects' brains, they can collect the satisfied amount of blueprints even further and faster before the whole world ends up in the dominance of the Flare. With this, their memories will not be wiped off. Mainly, Venice will have to follow exactly what her Chancellor has ordered. Even if it means betraying her closest friend. All for the Cure. If she fails, she will be terminated. How would the course of the Trials change? And most importantly, would the undercover scientist survive? == Started: July 16

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The Under...
by BooknewtA5