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"I'm not gay and if I would have been, I wouldn't have chosen that weird gangsta punk teenager to be my husband" Jungkook mentioned. "Jungkook, you have to marry him or else they will kill my wife and daughter" Jungkook's brother stated. In which Jimin's father, a heartless gang leader wants a respectable in-laws for his only son to fullfil his late wife's wish after the tragic incident happened to their family, her wish was to not let their son be a part of their crime world but things didn't go the way everyone wanted. Starting date: 18 August, 2018 Ending date: 4 November, 2018 Contains: ☆Fluff ☆Smut ☆Ansgt with happy ending. ☆Top Jungkook ☆Bottom Jimin ☆Cover By @Dream_Glow7 ☆NO TRANSLATIONS ALLOWED THIS IS THE ORGINAL AND ONE AND ONLY BOOK. Let the author know if you found this book in any other language on any other account, the account will be banned with all the books. ☆(A/N: THIS IS THE ORIGINAL BOOK. I HAVE THE WHOLE RIGHT OF THIS BOOK. I WROTE THIS BOOK ON MY PREVIOUS ACCOUNT "StitchedDoll11" WHICH WAS DELETED BECAUSE SOME COPYCAT USER REPORTED MY BOOK TO HAVE THE AUTHORITY OF MY BOOK BUT NO ONE HAS ENOUGH BALLS TO DO SO, IN MY PRESENCE. BTW, THIS BOOK IS MY IMAGINATION. I OWN THIS BOOK. IF I FOUND THIS BOOK ANYWHERE ELSE (WITHOUT PERMISSION) I WILL HAVE TO TAKE THIS MATTER LEGALLY. ☆THIS BOOK HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYONE'S PERSONAL LIFE OR FEELINGS. EVERYTHING INSIDE IS FICTIONAL. YOU ARE FREE TO LEAVE IF YOU FEEL TRIGGERED. KINDLY, LEAVE THE BOOK PEACEFULLY, NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO READ IT AND LEAVE REPORTS OR ANY NEGATIVE COMMENT. ☆ALL THE MEDIA AND FAN ARTS ATTACHED INSIDE ISN'T MY OWN AND THE CREDIT GOES TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS/CREATORS. _ YOUR AUTHOR, FAARI. )

☆Life Is Beautiful☆

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