My Arranged Marriage
By sweet_princess120
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Most impressive rating #1 in friends and family #1in possessive #4 in forcedmarriage #6 in clumsy #10 in stubborn #55 in romcom #11 in billionaire sneak peek - " I can't believe this my family is doing this with me !! can't they see it ?? ...I don't want to marry him ....hell !! I don't even wanna marry anyone "I shout " calm down Amy ! if u don't want it one can force you to do that , we'll do something ....I won't let you suffer " jenna tried to console me but their is no way after all this I can calm down dad was always strict but i can't expect this from him , and my mom she didn't support me and I can't believe even Ethan didn't support me for what ?! just a buisness deal !! " we can't do anything jenna ! I've already tried everything ... they are practically kicking me out of this house " I took a deep breath trying to control myself " I have to marry that emotionless bastard !!" as much as I hate this thought I know ..I don't have any other option I have to do this - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - She is pretty carefree smart and strong , One thing that she loves the most in her life is her freedom and her dream she don't wanna be caged Bird by marring someone. what will happen , when she will be forced to marry whom she doesn't even know?? To know more about her read this story - - this story is not edited , so read it on your on risk

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My Arrang...
by sweet_princess120