The Mask
By Guanxi99
  • Mystery / Thriller
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  • sweet
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Maya, often known as the Queen in her organization was the number one female assassin in the city of Mumbai. Her mission was to conquer the whole world with the red mask to avenge the death of her mother. She completed all her missions without a fail and obtained the most important position in her organization" The Reaper" But when she was sent to get some information from the most powerful man and also the leader of the most strongest gang "Viper", She was caught by him. "It seems that I accidentally caught the strongest butterfly, Baby, let's have some fun!" (Some media used are not mine...I own the characters and the story) But for her surprise it was actually her own loving, caring and innocent looking HUSBAND!! A wolf in sheep's clothing? Her husband Martin was the the dangerous King of Mumbai City. Everybody wears a Mask here! some are seen but others are transparent as air !!!

I am the Queen

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The Mask
by Guanxi99