Tales from Ravenwoo...
By WyattJMoore
  • Fantasy
  • afterdeath
  • animals
  • cave
  • clairvoyant
  • fortune
  • grimreaper
  • magicalcreatures
  • magicalrealism
  • magicpowers
  • newadult
  • paranormal
  • poltergeist
  • thriller
  • underground
  • wattys2020
  • youngadult


The afterlife is real. We share the ground, the sun and the air with the dead. But not the demons. Not the poltergeists that need to eat our souls to survive. The only thing keeping us from them is a few inches of blood, meat and skin. Once our bodies die, we must live underground to survive. Future Leaders Club President and highly overworked teen Kelly was ready to leave Cementon, the small Washington town that's somehow even duller than it's name. With her Mom repeatedly beating her own record for "Most Consecutive Days Away From Home," Kelly had no choice but to leave her twin brother and sister with their warden of a landlord, Boyld, while she worked. There was just a few hundred dollars standing between her and blowing town with the twins. But then she died. Death came in the same way her mother did when she returned from an Unemployment Retreat: Ill timed, and in the middle of a scuffle with Boyld. The afterlife is not what she expected. There's no "nether" realm, or city in the clouds. She just found herself standing next to her dead body with no idea of what to do next. Luckily, the afterlife government, known as the Para, assigns Reapers to each town to ferry the dead underground. A community service Kelly valued highly as she was shipped to the cavernous city of Ravenwood, where the newly-departed safely await their judgment. In Ravenwood, every street is ripped from a different decade in history, from castles and horse drawn carriages, to oxygen bars and diners. The animals talk, and magic is right at your fingertips (if it's government sanctioned of course). But this is insignificant to Kelly, because she just found out that she was killed by a ghastly CURSE. As she investigates her own death, Kelly hears rumblings that the Majystic, an ancient cult, has been sacrificing souls in secret. With her animal guide, Rocco the monkey, Kelly encounters fortune tellers, warlocks, and magical relics while uncovering who cursed her, before they find her.

Chapter 1 - Safe Passage to Mesis

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Tales fro...
by WyattJMoore