Alleged Doctor
By ficrom
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As a crime reporter, Gianna Darice thinks she is obliged to disclose the perpetrators who create terror, fear among the civilians. She's committed to her profession. Gianna meets the mesmeric, captivating doctor at the hospital near her workplace who held her attention, but she doesn't know that the same doctor has a criminal record. Orthopedist, Skylar Park works at the Willow Green Hospital. Everything was going perfect in his life before he was alleged of raping his young flat mate. His whole life turned upside down. Not only it caused barriers in his professional life, but his love life deteriorated as well. Skylar meets Gianna and cannot ignore her considerate, generous nature which he has been looking for himself. However, when he finds out that she is a crime reporter, his mind warns him to stay away from her or else he will be in deep trouble. Nevertheless, his stubborn, playful heart ignores all warnings. He makes himself prone to another round of contempt and humiliation. . . Copyright © 2022 If you're reading this story on any other platform other than Wattpad you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. This book is only available on Wattpad.


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Alleged D...
by ficrom