Warriors #5: Heart...
By warriorcatlover345
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Ashfur and the Dark Forest are rising, and unfortunately, it is taking its toll... Swiftpaw has now been training in the Place of No Stars for four moons, and has only recently learned of their true motives for him. Will he stand against them and for what is right, or let himself fall into their horrible trap? Lilypetal continues to watch as Ashfur's plans unfold, who is still fixed on his plan for vengeance. Although it has been seasons since she first exposed the speckled-gray tom and sent him into exile... Lilypetal sees that time is only making Ashfur's vindictive heart grow stronger. And even through being pulled deeper into her past and focusing on her loved ones, she will stop at nothing to find a way to rid of Ashfur's wrath for good. Meanwhile, Goldenshine is still immersed in discovering more about one of ThunderClan's newest apprentices, Snowpaw, who according to Jayfeather is Snowflight's reincarnation. This may be clear to Goldenshine, but the reason for her sister's return is still completely unbeknownst to her. DISCLAIMER: Just to respect Wattpad's guidelines, I will say, that as a Warriors book, there is the mildest of mild violence!

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by warriorcatlover345