Reincarnated in Ita...
By JunnaKyushi147
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⚠️Currently on a HUGE Hiatus⚠️ "Where am I?" You are a girl who woke up in some ally way with no recollection of how you got there or any event leading up to it. Your memories are hazy and scattered; they seem to mix and mesh together with other memories that don't seem to belong to you. All you know is your name, (Name) (Last Name) , and that you have a feeling that you need to do something; to save someone, or actually someones. But who are they? Follows the adventure of (Name), a modern girl, in the Vento Aureo story line of JoJo. She has no memory how she got here but finds out along the way as well as the origin of that previous feeling. ⚠️ Some swearing and may contain sensitive subjects along the way. I also do not own Vento Aureo, obviously. Not even the cover. This is the first fanfic I've done in years and the second one I've ever done that will be following the canon. I may edit chapters here and there, please bare with me. Updates every other weekend Started: July 14 2020 Current highest rankings: #1 - ventoaureo #1 - Vento #1 - Aureo #1 - Fugo #1 - Abbachio #2 - Giogio #2 - Passione #5 - jjba #5 - part5 #5 - Mista #13 - live

Where am I?

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by JunnaKyushi147