Life in the Fast La...
By killab_kai
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Katsuki Bakugo left his mundane job at a law firm, to "find his passion again." He moves back home with his retired parents, and when his dad sends him to a body shop to pick up a car he had restored, he found himself stupid. The mechanic was a big burly mountain of a man with vibrant red hair, a dazzling sharp smile, and a dark, mysterious past. This is my first attempt at a kiribaku fanfic, so I'm pretty nervous about it 😅 I've also posted this as a thread on my NSFW twitter account, too. Updates have been slow due to my heavy work schedule and the Covid-19 pandemic. So bare with me and I'll be updating it as I can!!! If you wanna follow my NSFW twitter account, ask me for my twitter handle and for the love of FUCK do NOT interact or follow me if you was under 18, I will block you.

Chapter 1

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Life in t...
by killab_kai