On the Edge of Tomo...
By 0liviaRose436
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The choices of youth can shape the lives of many. Focused on her future, Lily Turncott went to a concert for one reason: to end her dead-end relationship. Reveling in her success, she finds herself in a chance encounter with Billy Collins, a magnetic musician on the cusp of stardom. While the connection is instant and undeniable, they are moving in different directions. Lily is focused on the endless possibilities of her budding future as she works through the second half of her college career. Meanwhile, the musical career Billy has been chasing for half a decade is finally catapulting him to the foreign world of praise and fame. Leaning on each other as they try to navigate their lives while attempting to set aside love, they keep finding themselves drawn to each other. Still, Lily's fear of being lost in Billy's world of bright lights and loud concerts and Billy's gentlemanly reluctance to pull her to a world where Lily will be muted threaten their love at every turn. Maturity Level: Fade to black (sex alluded to, but not graphic)

Chapter 1

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On the Ed...
by 0liviaRose436