The Dark Fairy
By Fayesther
  • Fantasy
  • childhood
  • fairytale
  • fantasy
  • novella
  • origins
  • villainstory
  • wings


Carabosse. Famously known as the evil one who put a curse on a royal infant, making her fall into a deep sleep for one hundred years. So many have depicted this magical being over the decades, but few truly knew her. Once, she was an innocent child. A child with needs and who dreamed dreams. When she was a young fairy all she wanted was to be loved and accepted. However, this was hard for her to come by, for she was born under a cloud. Stigmatised from the very start. This is the story that has never been told. For there are those that wanted it to be kept quiet for so long. But, despite their efforts, this story must eventually come to light. For it is far from one-sided. This is the story that tells the truth about the one known as the Dark Fairy. Author: Fayesther Cover by: Fayesther


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The Dark...
by Fayesther