Where the Clouds Me...
By Vhaenya
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Tenko will probably always be such a mystery to Oboro. He had found the young boy alone in the streets and covered in dirt and scabbed over wounds on his face. It made Oboro so sad to see everyone skirt around Tenko like he was some sort of little monster. Though, he does have to be honest with himself that the haunting and wide eyed thousand yard stare was enough to even make Oboro give pause for just a second. Ultimately, he knew that leaving a defenseless kid out on the street would only result in the young child's demise. After all, Oboro had always been a firm believer in saving as many people as he could and that extends to the broken orphans of Musutafu's streets. - In which, Oboro finds and adopts Tenko.

What a Family Can Be

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Where the...
by Vhaenya