Franky and Charlie
By BeetleBugMomma
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When Charlene "Charlie" Underwood moved into Francis Anderson's neighborhood when she was five years old, she didn't think that the little boy sitting in a mud puddle playing with toy cars next door, would be her best friend. As the years went by, they were like Yin and Yang. Most of the time, if you saw one, you saw the other. Franky couldn't stand the name Francis and no one called him that. Ever. Point blank. Not even his best friend, Charlie. Franky always remembered the little girl who didn't hesitate to sit in mud with him growing up. At graduation, Franky and Charlie promise each other that they will be friends forever. That's wha you're suppose to do, right? Charlie goes off to Stanford University with aspirations to study medicine and become a doctor. Franky always knew that he'd be involved in sports somehow and wanted to be a sports agent so he headed to the University of Florida. Will their friendship survive when they each live on different coasts? There's always breaks from school or will they be completely different and not recognize each other anymore.

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Franky an...
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