A Rain of Bullets |...
By Midiiplier
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[COMING SOON] Kim Taehyung is a lieutenant under captain Kim Namjoon's troops, in charge of leading a squadron into enemy territory in the WWII. He and his group of 30 men are camped out a few miles from enemy frontlines, getting ready to storm the nearest village, but they're caught of guard, attacked and forced to retreat before a total massacre takes place. Being too far from their main bases, head doctor Kim Seokjin is forced to send a group of nurses to tend to the injured men still alive, lead by the doctor's most trusted student, (Y/N), the head nurse and his second in command, a student he's cared for and supported all throughout her medical career. He's taken her under his wing since she began her studies, and believes she's more qualified than many of the doctors he's worked with, but won't be given the title or opportunities due to sexist beliefs that women cannot carry such responsibilities. (Y/N) arrives with a group of 10 women under her guidance, and what's the first thing she sees after rushing into the tents set up in their hideout? A shirtless Taehyung, bleeding out on a messy, unsteady table, barking orders to his men while he holds a cloth to the cut on his abdomen. Throughout this story, both (Y/N) and Taehyung struggle with their own demons, her with not being taken seriously as a woman in charge, and dealing with the blame of losing a patient, and him with his position of power, with the guilt of the lives he's in charge of protecting and leading, and with keeping his thoughts leveled and objective.

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A Rain of...
by Midiiplier