Nocte Bellator: Nig...
By renee_laraway
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Remington Chance had his whole life ahead of him. Loving parents, a beautiful home, thriving family business he would someday take over. But at ten years old everything was taken from him. His parents, his family business, everything. Now years later after suffering through the trauma of growing up in an orphanage and losing the life he was suppose to have, he lives the high life but only through a life of crime. Maia Bradwell isn't from around here. Actually she's not even from this planet. When she was twelve her aunt packed her up in the middle of the night and they escaped to earth before they could be destroyed with everyone and everything she ever knew on their home planet. Since then she's learned that she may look like the people of earth but she is still different. She is stronger and faster and she has an intense need to protect people. Especially from criminals like Remington Chance. But there's a looming threat neither Remi or Maia could've anticipated. They will need to put their differences aside in order to protect their shared world. *****WARNING: CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT***** ..


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Nocte Bel...
by renee_laraway