Strings (Ryuunosuke...
By SailorLight23
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Soulmate AU! The red string of love, the blue string of rivalry, everyone has them both attached to their hands. The blue string on your left, the red on your right. They only appear visibly to the person when their soulmate or rival is nearby and in the area for long enough. Everyone finds theirs by the age of 10, everyone except (Y/N). She never got either so she just assumed that she didn't have a rival or soulmate. When a mix up leads to becoming a practice player for the men's volleyball team, (Y/N)'s strings become visible. Only it's not a set of strings, it's one lone gray string. And that string leads to the rowdiest boy on the team, Ryunoske Tanaka. *Reader is adopted *Reader is shorter than Tanaka (he's 5'9) *10 chapters

Chapter One: Gray

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Strings (...
by SailorLight23