The Left Hand of Li...
By chrisveraink
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When Light fails, Darkness prevails. A lonely intuitive whose darkness has brought her to the brink of suicide is reluctantly enlisted by a man who travels between our world and the Spirit World to avenge the souls of his lover and child, taken by the Shadow Queen to the Underworld, a place he cannot find without her. She becomes the Dark Light's Astral Navigator, and together, chased by the forces of Darkness, they recover the Sword of the Sun, an immortal weapon of great power, and make their way through the Mouth of the World, the gateway between our mortal plane and the Spirit World, to confront the Shadow Queen and her minions. The Left Hand of Light is a modern mythological story about love, loss, hope, and finding one's purpose in an infinite universe. Dark Lights, unite! Cover art by Adelaide Marcus. Cover design by Miko Radcliffe.

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The Left...
by chrisveraink