Low Down (BOLO)
By iliannabinoche
  • Romance
  • accident
  • affair
  • bbwlove
  • bwwm
  • infidelity
  • lightningromancenovellas
  • louisiana
  • lsu
  • murder
  • prison
  • revenge
  • shreveport
  • wrongfullyconvicted


Dea Lizius Jones was a medical student at Louisiana State University also known as LSU. One night on the way home from a hectic shift at her part-time job, a man jumps out in front of her car and she accidentally hits him. She stops to render aid and calls for an ambulance and the police. What Dea isn't aware of is that the man was on the run for his life. He finds out some very important information about some very important people. Because he makes the mistake of blackmailing them, his attempt to run for his life comes to an end when he jumps out into traffic. Dea is called in for questioning by the Shreveport Louisiana Police Department. Because she has nothing to hide, she goes in to provide the details for the accident and finds herself on trial for a murder she didn't commit. Members of the sheriff's department, a few attorneys, and a judge all know the truth about what happened to the man, but it's in their best interest to bury it along with the witness to cover their own tracks. ----------- Dea spends six years in jail because of an accident. When she's released, her only goal is to get back at the people who are responsible. With her checklist and help from a few people who were working to secure her future on the outside, she plans to expose everyone and bring their lives to a screeching halt as she forces them to kneel before her because of the lives they stole.


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Low Down...
by iliannabinoche