The Third Miya ||...
By depressedzest
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What if it wasn't actually the Miya Twins? What if it was actually the Miya Triplets? What if there was a third Miya that was always forgotten about? One that went unnoticed? What if the third Miya Triplet was a girl? What happens when she meets a certain someone at her new school? Meet Miya Aiko. Atsumu and Osamu's triplet that no one knows about. Aiko hated attention and that was everything her brothers loved. Well, Atsumu loved. Coming out of middle school, her brothers began to grow very popular for their volleyball skills and looks. Since Aiko didn't want people to know she was related to them, she told her brothers to refer to themselves as the Miya Twins and to not tell others about her. And now in their second year of highschool, they have kept that promise. But what happens when someone finds out. What happens if this person want to get to know her. Someone who want to break her walls and let themself in. None of the art is mine. All found on pintrest. Mature language. Started 4th September, 2020

New School

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The Third...
by depressedzest