| I Choose You | Be...
By MaleficMushroom
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(This is a Descendants fanfiction.) "I... can't believe I'm saying this, but... I choose good." Gemma smiled, tears burning at her eyes. Ben grinned widely as relief washed over the crowd. A silence passed over them as she lowered her right hand. She pressed her lips together and tilted her head. "I choose you, Ben." Gemma, the only daughter of Gaston, and her three friends Carlos, Evie, and Jay go on a quest to over rule Auradon after prince Ben offers them a chance to try and become normal. The group has only one mission; claim the fairy god mother's magic wand and release the rest of the villains from the Isle Of The Lost. Gemma can't let her father down. However, things don't go exactly as planned, and Gemma starts to fall for the prince. Will she be able to fulfill her father's master plan and over run the world with the evil that's been locked away, or will she fail her father and fall into the hands of the soon-to-be king?

Rotten To The Core [1]

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| I Choos...
by MaleficMushroom