Sol Star (Part I)
By Liquid-Sun
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The story is about a pair of twins named Apollo and Ares, along with their sister Athena who must embark on a dangerous quest to find six fragments of the Sol Star and use it to harness the power of the Sun to defeat the mysterious Genoci and his band of menacing space pirates before they arrive on the planet one year from now. The Sol Star is an ancient artifact that is capable of granting wishes, and Genoci wants this. After overhearing what Apollo said after defeating his brother who had already arrived on Earth, he and his band of space pirates wasted no time as they began their one year journey traveling through space. The three siblings will also run into a lot of bizzare things that hinder their adventure that are being possessed by the space pirates. The siblings also have friends that will help them out in their quest. Will the trio be able collect the Sol Star in time to defeat Genoci before he takes over the world or will things turn for the worst?

Prologue - Legend of the Sol Star

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Sol Star...
by Liquid-Sun