Destined for Greatn...
By kappnlover
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In the midst of death and mystery in the malevolent killing game, a relationship develops between two Hope's Peak Academy students. Kyoko Kirigiri, quiet and brooding, who has lost memory of her past, and Byakuya Togami, cold and dismissive, who is the chosen heir to the powerful and wealthy Togami family. Two students, deeply isolated, could finally find comfort within each other's presence. **Updated weekly, every Saturday/Sunday.** ------------------------------ Authors Note: I have been developing this story for a while now and I'm so excited to finally share it with the world! This is my first ever fanfic so I want to make a good impression on all of you. Thank you for giving this book a try. :-) Hope you all like it. -Mari p.s. Anytime I post fanart with my chapters, I will try my hardest to find the artist and tag them at the end of each chapter! I find a bunch of it on Pinterest though so sometimes it can be a bit harder. But yes, expect the citation of the artist at the end. :-))


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by kappnlover