hurts like heaven
By eddychens
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do you believe in destiny? or fate perhaps? whether you do or not, we are bound to meet each other in this life, and i promise i will protect you. - the yang family and the chen family are tied together by ominous curse. every 400 years the youngest from the chen family and the oldest from the yang family has to endure the same fate as the other for a year, every month. 12 misfortunes lies in their hands, they have to survive in order to stay alive. no former partners had lived after that year, fate isn't all that giving. brett yang, lived a simple life as a rising soloist; until he met eddy chen, a cardiologist at a nearby hospital. indicating that their fate had already begun. - trigger warnings before the chapter. inspired by a bl manga called 'disasters like me too much' (saiyaku wa boku o suki sugiru) by kannagi satoru.


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hurts lik...
by eddychens