Watermelon Sugar...
By saltysenpais
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"SEI CHAN!" "SEIII CHAAANN!" She turned to shoot a glare at Bokuto, but froze when she saw his glowy, sunflower like irises. She had never seen that kind of warmth before, he was beaming brighter than anything she'd come across. She kept it cold and stoic like she always did. She didn't know him much and she didn't want to. He was rather too chirpy and cheerful for her. She didn't want friends, she didn't have interest in making any either and his loud personality irked her but something about him always caught her eye. "GANBARE!!" He smiled wide placing his hand against his hip while the other flicked a thumbs up and her heart skipped a beat. --- "Sei chan..." Bokuto cooed in her ear. "Why are you running away from me?" Her heart was drumming in her ears, her body was warming at a rapid pace as her back pressed against the wall, her face merely inches away from Bokuto's. She lowered her eyes when he gazed into hers. He hooked his fingers under her chin and gently tugged her head back up. "Don't lower your head, princess. Your eyes the most beautiful ones I've ever seen" Has sour lemon 🍋 The pictures, the characters and artworks in this book aren't mine except for the OC and a few others characters. I don't take credits for what's not mine. If you know who the artwork belongs to, let me know so I can credit them ♥️


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by saltysenpais