1000 sex positions
By icie360
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WARNING EXTREME MATURED CONTENT!!! Sex is one of the most stress relieving activities. With each thrust and every melodic moan our hearts rejoice. I decided to prepare 1000 more positions to make your sex afternoon wholesome. This book contains experimented positions done, personally by me and my friends in a period of couple of months. We enjoyed to the fullest and I'll be glad if you can also get a part of our experience. This book is filled with adult content read at your own risk. If you are below 13 please consider choosing another book suitable for your age. Have a good time reading and practising. PS don't forget to comment and most of all i would appreciate a vote in each chapter. PSS for all writers who wish to use a part of this this in their writing can easily opt to communicate with me for a permit. Also if any writers wants to advertise their stories through my book feel free to contact me. Gracious.

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1000 sex...
by icie360