When It Rains
By Anth0yla
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Detective Swan was doing just fine on her own. Clean streets, Clean city; all because of her keen detective work. Enter Regina Mills; A well known lawyer and future owner of her family's prestigious law firm. When Regina wants to hire Emma to find her kidnapped son, suddenly, Emma Swan finds herself in the center of not only a case of kidnapping, but also a previously unsolved murder case from their childhood. Can Emma reunite Regina and her son before time runs out? Or will old feelings of unrequited love stand in her way? ***** ‼️CONTEST RESULTS‼️ SWANQUEEN FANS! HELLO! The winner of this contest is @Laura_Hollis Congratulations! Your entry title "When It Rains" for this new fanfic has won! BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED!! ❤️

1. A Hard Day's Work

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When It R...
by Anth0yla