First Kill: A Short...
By JeoffreyDuke
  • Short Story
  • completed
  • crime-thriller
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  • criminal
  • dark
  • detective
  • gruesome
  • horror
  • horror-thriller
  • murder
  • mystery
  • mystery-thriller
  • psycho
  • serialkiller
  • shortstory


Two women are horribly murdered. The town fears that there is serial killer, but it might not be what it seems. FBI Agent Ricky Lopez, digs deep and finds out the truth. **** Two women are seemingly 'murdered' and chopped up on the same day. The whole town fears that a serial killer committed the gruesome crime, as serial killings were popular in the USA at the time. When Detective Liz Smith opens an investigation, she realizes that indeed both crimes were committed by the same person, but something wasn't right. So she calls up and old acquaintance; Agent Ricky Lopez, who she met at a Criminal Psychology conference. Agent Ricky Lopez and Detective Smith begin to unfold truths, just until Detective Smith was stabbed three times at her father's retirement party. Agent Ricky Lopez fills in the gaps himself and reveals the truth in a chillingly-interesting interrogation with the perpetrator. Be warned though, this book is not as straightforward as portrayed in this summary, as timeline and perspectives are shuffled, making it a lot more baffling. A Short story, first of a series. *** * * * Fair Warning: This book contains Violence and Strong Language🔞


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First Kil...
by JeoffreyDuke