Cosplay Shenanigans
By Tara676
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Ever since young, Abel Eastwood was a huge fan of cosplaying characters from video games, movies and TV shows. He considered himself a rookie, as he was reputable in the community and wished to become a professional cosplayer one day. Despite his family's strong disapproval, Abel continued pursuing his future goals, determined in proving them wrong. At a cosplay event, Abel decided to pose as the blue-haired detective from a show he recently came to love. The cosplay quickly attracted the attention of Mairi Cabanila, a veteran who was renowned to cosplay male characters, particularly an expressionless royal prince, hence dubbed Princess Charming. Abel had always regarded Mairi as his competitor, and so it was odd when his rival took great interest in him. Because of this, he decided to take her advances as a challenge. As he started learning more of the aloof crossdresser, he never thought their rivalry marked the start of their shenanigans. Rating: PG-14 *** 🥈 - The Strawberry Syrup Award: Teen Fiction The Strawberry Syrup Award: Best Blurb in Teen Fiction *Irregular updates*

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by Tara676