Black and White
By amithegamer1
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Ava Sharpe is the bandleader. She is in a band with her best friends. She could do everything her band members could do. She could sing and play the piano, the guitar, the drums, she could ever dance. Plays baseball. She was the top in her school most people in her school were fond of her but she wasn't popular but she didn't want to be. She gets bully but she can handle them. She gets into "fights" but never for herself, her bully always turns to her friends so she gets into fights with them no never want to fight Ava. she a good fighter everything was perfect in her life until her girlfriend broke up with her She said she was cheating on her but she wasn't it a lie that Daniel Wilson made because he had a crush on her girlfriend Samatha. She cheats with "Ashley" the second most popular in the school. The first is Sara Lance. Everyone wants to date her. Her life looked perfect. "Look" is the keyword everything is not how it seems Ava life looks perfect too but it's not...everyone has problems but Ava just want to be friends with Sara but Sara didn't that's what Ava thought but she just didn't want to be with someone who was that perfect until Sara finally let her and Ava talk and everything starts... Every song I write I have a meaning


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Black and...
by amithegamer1