Fated To Be His
By Noya_avery
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Story revolves around two young couples whose journey will be traced in this web of passion, revenge, betrayal, obsession hatred and love too. Star crossed lovers will go through certain trials and tribulations to find destination to their love. 🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂 The story isn't ended in fact it's just started!! ........... Sanam's past was becoming an obstacles in Rishabh and Sanam's married lives. Rishabh started to fall for her but Sanam was still in her past. Her past love Vikrant ( Rajat tokas) ,her mysterious dreadful dreams, taking sleeping pills ,every night her cries was stopping her to take a step towards Rishabh. Whereas Rishabh was unaware of her conditions. Rishabh wants to heal her every pain but she is not letting him to come near her. Karan's past love Aradhya is haunting Karan in His dream. Karan feel her resemblance in Vishakha ( Anita hassnandi) Rishabh's Friend. Preeta's scary dream of falling down from a cliff, a scream of a girl which echo in her ears, her mother's secret having another daughter all this is making her weak. Beautiful Cover by @priyu644


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Fated To...
by Noya_avery